Autumn & Winter Collection

Lookbook edition

A mix of formal and casual

While a formal dress code used to be standard, many professions increasingly accept of a mix of formal and casual wear. The occasional pair of jeans, a knit vest or a classy polo are no longer off limits – as long you’re smart about how you combine them. At Gallery Tailors, we have everything you need to create a thoughtful, well-dressed look that’s equally fit for the office or an evening out.

Stretch Suitings

Elegant & Easy

A suit should be comfortable

How your clothes feel affects how you experience your day, which is why we only use the highest quality fabrics and tried-and-true tailoring techniques. For even greater freedom of movement, you can opt for one of our stretch suitings, made by the masters at Loro Piana with a tiny bit of elastane. For a difference you can feel. Available in a wide variety of blues and greys, plus a few uniquely seasonal colors.


Classic & intriguing

Spice it up

Whether you wear a suit every day or you want something to help you stand out without being loud, you need fabrics that are both interesting and appropriate – like our seasonal tweeds. Plus, they’re easy to combine as separates: one 3-piece tweed suit and two pairs of chinos equals at least six different looks.

Shirts & Knitwear

For any occasion

Soft, comfortable and warm

We’re always looking for ways to add to and improve our collections – and this season was no exception. Introducing new Gallery Tailors knitwear made from extremely soft merino wool and a new collection of knit vests and seasonal shirt fabrics, all in a range of easy-to-combine colours.

Seasonal Colours

Brown & green

It’s only natural

When the days get darker, so do our choices in colours. Available in a wide variety of beautiful, soft-spoken tones and textures, seasonal shades of brown and green allow you to escape from the norm while keeping it sharp and presentable.

Shades of blue

Seasonal fabrics

Timeless and Distinguished

Blue is always our most popular colour, so of course we’ve planned accordingly. Offering a well-rounded selection of high quality fabrics for your suits, jackets, coats, shirts, knitwear and accessories, if blue’s your colour of choice you’ll have no shortage of options. Available in both seasonal and four-season qualities. Stop by our boutique in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district to see for yourself!


Semi-formal or black tie

For special occasions

When an event prescribes a formal or black tie dress code, be it a wedding, gala or red-carpet affair, you definitely want to show up feeling confident and well dressed. A custom-made tuxedo or dinner jacket gives you that peace of mind – you know it’s comfortable, fits perfectly, embodies your sense of style and is already in your closet, ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Shades of brown & burgundy

Seasonal fabrics

A wardrobe staple

We believe every man should have a brown jacket in his wardrobe. Because it’s sophisticated, a tad bit unconventional and, most importantly, versatile (great for leisure and business). Throw your brown jacket on over a shirt or sweater and a pair of chinos and you’re on your way.