Spring & Summer Collection

Spice it up

Whether you wear a suit everyday or you want something to help you standout without being loud, you need fabrics that are both interesting and appropriate – over 200 fabrics are available in our summer collection.

Sports Tailoring by Loro Piana

For every man who wants the functionality of outerwear with a sartorial look. Our Tech Wool Suit fabric by Loro Piana will keep you feeling fresh, good looking and, importantly, invulnerable to the occasional summer shower of chilly breeze.

A mix of formal & casual

A mix of formal and casual

While a formal dress code used to be standard, many professions increasingly accept of a mix of formal and casual wear. The occasional pair of jeans, a knit vest or a classy polo are no longer off limits – as long you’re smart about how you combine them. At Gallery Tailors, we have everything you need to create a thoughtful, well-dressed look that’s equally fit for the office or an evening out.

Shirts & Accessories

Soft & comfortable

We’re always looking for ways to add to and improve our collections – and this season was no exception. Expanding Gallery Tailors knitwear made from extremely soft merino wool or eco-cotton. And introducing a collection of custom-made shoes and sneakers.

Tech-wool Coats by Loro Piana

When you first touch the fabric you may be surprised to learn they’re not for suits, but for coats. Surprised because they’re extremely lightweight, thanks to their summer-quality S150 merino wool. They’re also wind and waterproof, thanks to the Storm System membrane allowing asmosis to take place, bodily moisture easily escapes from the inside out while precipitation from the outside in is effectively kept at bay.