Custom-made menswear

Located in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district, Gallery Tailors is a menswear boutique that specialises in high-end, custom-made suits, separates, shirts, jeans, coats and knitwear. Timeless, skilfully constructed and using only the finest natural materials, we combine a sharp silhouette with lightweight, superior comfort. With an eye for detail and respect for sartorial craftsmanship, every piece is full of character, finished by hand or fully handmade, 100% unique and made one at a time, just for you.


The most important ingredient for looking good? A relaxed atmosphere in which you can find all the inspiration you need. At home in our boutique, we carry all of our seasonal gems so you can make sure they look good on you before deciding to order.

About us

We’re Bastiaan & Tom, two passionate tailoring professionals living our dream.